Clinic Based Services


We initiate our patient-centered approach for all our services by undertaking a comprehensive diagnostic assessment. This process involves conducting an initial evaluation, formulating a precise diagnosis, and crafting a customized treatment plan designed to accomplish specific, outcome-based goals.


We provide precision-driven psychological services, utilizing measurement-based approaches to attain the outcome-based goals set in the treatment plan. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses individual, group, and family therapy sessions, ensuring a tailored approach to address diverse needs.


We currently offer teletherapy, or online therapy through our secure client portal. Clients interested in teletherapy will undergo a brief screening process to determine fit for themselves, as well as our clinicians. Many clients opting for this service find its ease of use, and ability to better manage time while juggling a busy lifestyle, as significant benefits. This service is available for Texas residents. Call, or email us to set up an appointment.


The assessment process is usually undertaken to gain a better understanding of an individual’s perceptions, thought processes, and learning styles. Psychological tests are often necessary to identify the presence of learning disabilities, mood disorders, ADHD, and other psychological issues. We have extensive training and experience in several forms of assessment, including achievement, intelligence, psychological, and behavioral testing. The evaluation process is individualized and can include exploration of academic skills, attention, behavioral and emotional functioning. After interviews, testing, and scoring are completed, we will provide you with a report and feedback regarding strengths, challenges, and limits to success. As part of the reporting process, we offer recommendations to improve functioning in a variety of areas. The results of the assessment can provide a framework for academic or vocational intervention, as well as treatment planning.


Often a requirement from one’s insurance, a pre-surgical psychological evaluation includes a multi-method data collection approach which helps determine one’s psychological and behavioral readiness for surgery, as well as outlines any factors that could negatively impact one’s recovery. A comprehensive report would be provided to one’s referring doctor with information regarding current psychological functioning as well as areas one may need additional support and/or assistance in.

Accepted Insurances and Rates

We accept the following Insurances and can provide a superbill for PPO plans with Out of Network benefits.  We also accept private pay through our online patient portal.  Diagnostic and Evaluation Session (1st visit) is $190.  In-person or telehealth session (follow up visits) is $175/hour.  Psychological testing rates are determined on a case by case basis.

Payment is due at the time services are rendered.  We accept all major credit cards, Debit Cards and Health Savings cards. Receipts will be given upon request.